Our Story

The Building Digital team is backed by 70+ years of construction experience and 10+ years of software development. We build with our own code, deploy our own drones, and have worked on projects whose contracts are valued in the Billions.

Our team is 200-strong and growing, bringing on-site insights to enterprise software, data analytics, digital modeling, software development, and the deployment of technology on projects.

Everything from API integrations to BIM applications, we’ve done it all.

Flybys & 4D

The City of Toronto is opening its eastern waterfront for development, the first step is a massive remediation of 180+ acres at the mouth of the Don River. Dubbed the Port Lands Flood Protect Enabling Infrastructure Project (PLFPEI), it requires the orchestration of simultaneous work on excavation, soil treatment, water treatment, microtunnel utilities, wet and dry installations, stormwater treatment, environmental controls, safety management, new roads, bridges, quality oversight, and enough landscaping to bring the wetlands back to their natural state. It will take the latest tech to keep everything on track.


Majority Report

Analytical dashboards should feel like a control room, with single pane windows showing data from across your business. Granularity is important, but so are the ‘big picture’ panels, the charts that show a real-time snapshot of every project, their risk, and established averages across the board. Building this dashboard was the ambitious project that our teams were tasked with by EllisDon, one of the top construction companies in Canada. They wanted a single-pane window into their entire portfolio. Tough, but not impossible…


Data Dance

The construction industry has quickly become a crowded toolbox of single-purpose software, all providing disparate data sets from different sources. Construction firms need ordered data to make informed decisions. This was the case for EllisDon, who tasked us with building their entire data infrastructure – feeding any input from the field to a live project-specific dashboard. Not an east task.


BIM at Scale

Just one phase of vivaNext was over 12km long. That’s excavation around public utilities and traffic, construction of 12 new stations, 18 platforms, and a bridge carrying one of the busiest highways in Ontario. Picture the public overlap, now triple it.